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  • Shannon Rothschild

Toilet reminding watches

Does your little one find it difficult to listen to their body signals when they need to go to the toilet? Do they sometimes get so caught up in what they are doing, that they have an accident? Constantly reminding your little one to pee or poop can be a tedious and time-consuming task and can put a strain on your relationship.

We recommend getting a fun watch that can remind your child to use the toilet. These watches can remind your child that they need to go to the toilet by vibrating, playing a song or having a written notification come up on their watch face. It is helpful to complete a toileting log to know what times of day your child might be going to the toilet in order to set the reminders accordingly.

These devices can help your child become independent with toileting and reduce the need for parents to remind them to use the toilet throughout the day. If you are an NDIS participant we suggest that you raise this with your OT as you may be eligible to purchase a watch with the funding from your plan.

Some watches you might want to check out:

Wobl Vibrating reminder Watch

Our new vibrating reminder watch provides your child with discreet ‘vibration’ reminders at set times throughout the day. Set up to 8 vibrating alarms and remind your child to go to the bathroom.

ABC123 Potty Training Watch­ - Baby Reminder Water Resistant Timer for Toilet Training Kids & Toddler

The Potty Trainer is a cute and wearable accessory that reminds your kids to go potty during the day. You can set the time in different intervals from 30, 60 or 90 minutes and it conveniently alarms with an adorable tune that lets your baby know that it's time to go.

Benny Bradley's Potty Training Watch, with Potty Training eBook

Benny Bradley's Potty Training Watch is a musical watch that vibrates and reminds your child to use go to the bathroom. It is suitable for babies, toddlers and kids who are currently undergoing their potty or toilet training. It is water resistant and comes with a Potty Training eBook!

Potty Monkey Watch | Potty­ Training Reminder Watch

Potty Monkey Watch is a fun and easy way to remind your little one to use the potty! Let's be honest, they never listen to mom and dad when it is time to go. Potty Monkey says "It's time to go potty. Let's go potty!" and plays a tune when it is time to go. The alarm can be set between 10-120 minute intervals to remind them to go potty! Potty Training just got easier, with the potty watch! Please note this is a timer not a watch.


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