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Occupational Therapy

for Children

Achieve. Support. Educate. 

D.O.T.S. is a Melbourne-based, passionate team of Occupational Therapists supported by Hannah Dunn. Established and servicing the community since December 2013, we are a leading provider of OT services for children, parents and professionals. Our commitment is to helping children connect with their goals and increase independence in everyday tasks.  

With clinics in Footscray, Werribee and Bundoora, we are able to service a wide range of families as close to home as possible. We are also able to provide Telehealth services, allowing D.O.T.S. to service families located further from our clinics. 


To achieve our goal of supporting each child, we aim to include the key people in their life. This can include but is not limited to:

  • Parents

  • Teachers

  • Siblings

  • Psychologists

  • Speech Pathologists

  • Swim Teachers

  • Gymnastic Coaches 

  • Grandparents

We connect with the team around your child and as such have amazing connections with other local service providers. We can't wait to meet your team if we aren't already connected.

Learning with D.O.T.S Occupational Therapy Melbourne

About D.O.T.S.

Our Services

Our OT team at D.O.T.S. is experienced in assessing and treating a wide range of children with excellent results.

At D.O.T.S., we take the time to understand each child and family’s strengths, values and goals in individual and small group settings. These sessions are tailored to suit the needs of your child in a comfortable and safe environment and via Telehealth. We work closely with parents and teachers to provide practical strategies which can be easily incorporated into everyday home and school life. D.O.T.S. therapists can support your child with the range of skill areas listed below:

Fine and Gross
Motor Development

Social Skills

Self Care Skills


Programs ​

Children's Services Learning with D.O.T.S Occupational Therapy Melbourne

Our passionate team is here to support your child achieve their goals

Our skilled and dedicated team of Occupational Therapists are here to help children and families from all walks of life achieve their goals. 


Our team of therapists and administration staff at D.O.T.S. believe every child has the right and the capacity to engage, learn, grow and find enjoyment in all areas of their lives. All of our therapists have engaged in various ongoing education and training in order to provide high quality services.

Learning with D.O.T.S Occupational Therapy Melbourne Team Members

Our Team


Providing professional development support for the wider community

Mentoring with Learning with D.O.T.S Occupational Therapy Melbourne

We offer one on one mentoring sessions for OTs or allied health professionals working with children or who are looking to develop their skills. Along with this we offer mentoring to teaching staff who would like to further their knowledge of working with children. 


Dependent on the individual needs these may be ongoing appointments or it may only be a few sessions and are currently conducted via Zoom.

Our Locations

Our Locations

D.O.T.S. Occupational Therapy clinics are conveniently situated at 3 locations across Melbourne.

Click below to find your nearest D.O.T.S. clinic. 

Follow our journey

Threading Beads Play Idea D.O.T.S. Occupational Therapy Melbourne
Finger Painting Exercise Threading Beads Play Idea D.O.T.S. Occupational Therapy Melbourne
Pretend Play Threading Beads Play Idea D.O.T.S. Occupational Therapy Melbourne
Belinda Threading Beads Play Idea D.O.T.S. Occupational Therapy Melbourne
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