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D.O.T.S. have created a school readiness home program that can help your child develop skills to get them better prepared and ready for school in the comfort of your own home! The program focuses on developing school readiness skills to support your child with their transition to school. The program focuses on 6 areas - fine motor skills, gross motor skills, self-care, emotional regulation, executive functioning skills and social skills/communication. Each area includes various resources and tools to support your child without needing to purchase anything extra. Each area comes in a pack with clear


Please note your order will shipped within 3-4 days of ordering.

School Readiness Home Program

    • Social story about transitioning into school
    • Visuals to support morning and evening routine
    • Fine motor sheets
    • Gross motor activities
    • Wobble cushion
    • Emotions game
    • Create your own puzzle and game

    Resources come in a tub for easy storage.

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