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Occupational Therapy and Allied Health Mentoring

Our Team leaders and Senior OT's provide mentoring externally to a range of clinicians. Mentoring externally aligns strongly with our value of connecting with community and connecting through learning. The reasons why we mentor someone include but are not limited to:

  • No senior OT available where you are working 

  • Support in a specific area such as feeding, toileting, complex behaviours or other area's OT  

  • Other allied health professionals wanting to gain further understanding of OT or areas more traditionally OT specific 

  • Teachers and educators who want to up skill in sensory processing, environmental set up, challenging behaviours and other areas relevant to the classrooms.

  • Parents and carers wanting to up skill how they can supprot their children without their child engaging directly in OT.  

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Yes please, I'd love to know more about your mentoring program 

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